Frequently Asked Questions

Can PicAdd handle other fileformats?
No, PicAdd only works with jpeg/jpg files.

The sound/texts disappeared after I edited the image
Not all photo-editing software respect all details in the JPEG file format. Solution: Edit the picture before you add additional content in PicAdd.

Can I use PicAdd for my black&white photographs?
Yes, but they should be saved in/converted to JPEG file format.

When I join two spots, I lose sounds/texts?
Yes, PicAdd lets the new, combined spot inherit only one set of actions (sound, text).

Do PicAdd's files contain code?
No, there is no programming-code in the files, and there is therefore no risk of virus or other unexpected behaviour.

Are PicAdd's files copyrighted?
No, but the image-content can be copyrighted. Before redistribution, you should ensure you have proper rights for the image part.

Can PicAdd files be viewed in a web-browser?
Only the image part.

Can PicAdd files be downloaded from a website?
If a website crop, trim, resize or alter jpeg-files in other ways, the PicAdd data will be damaged. Only resizing, adhering to JPEG standards, enables PicAdd data to usable afterwards. Many websites allows users to download the original image-file, these files will be usable in PicAdd.

How can I see if a JPEG-file contains PicAdd data?
When you open the file in PicAdd, you can do a long press, and PicAdd will reveal all regions. If no regions are revealed, it is an ordinary JPEG file.

Why does it seem to take longer than normal to load a PicAdd?
If the file is created on a iOS device, the PicAdd data will have to be fetched from the PicAdd image-cloud. The time needed, depends on your internet connection and the filesize.

Are there size/pixel limitations in PicAdd?
There are no practical upper limits. For regions to work, the image need to have a reasonable size in pixels (for user to be able to "hit").

What is a spot?
Talking about PicAdd, the term "spot" is used for a specific area of the image. All pixels in a region are connected.

Will PicAdd be available for Windows?
Perhaps, no promises though. You can see and hear (but not edit) JPEG Plus images in a browser on the website.

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