PicAdd examples

PicAdd introduces image metadata that is not available in standard JPEG. The concept of marking regions in an image opens up for a wealth of new applications:

  • Creating notes for a specific region of an image for scientific or medical use.
  • Adding spoken commentary to a specific region of an image: persons, machine parts, buildings.
  • Creating simple learning tools for children: including naming the color, the animal or the number.
  • Saving spoken stories, commentaries and music together with an image, in a single file: journalism, forensic use, genealogy, history or archeology.

PicAdd (available for Android and iOS) allows you to mark a region of interest (ROI) on your photo, and associate a sound to it.

PicAdd can be used to save memories, make fun for the children, annotate diagrams and many other uses.

PicAdd simulation

Simulated PicAdd action: hear the recorded sound by clicking on regions in the photo.
mum dad boy girl present1 present2 red golden guld lille rød højre guld
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